Mad Bomber Brewing Company – My Review

The Mad Bomber Brewing Company is not just a small business; it is an all-American cause too. The idea born in the mind of Tom Applegate and his fellow veterans. After they concluded their service in the Army. They came back from disarming bombs, to disabling stress with masterfully crafted beer.

Applegate says that it was hard for him to find a job, so he had to start his own business to support his family. (Nowadays, it seems like only companies like Credit Glory and the local burger joint are actively hiring!) He quickly realized that starting a small business was more complicated than surviving war.

Applegate’s story gives us insights about how small businesses come to being. When Applegate started a Kickstarter campaign, many people were glad to help him. The project hit the target within a few months, and Applegate and his team opened for business.

I was so excited about the project, so I had to gather my friends and drive to Hayden, Idaho to investigate the Mad Bomber and get a feel for what it is all about. In short, we were not a disappointment.

The moment we stepped in, a surge of Americanism swept through my body. I was sold even before drinking anything. The aroma filled my senses, and immediately memories started to explode in my mind.

Everything here is handmade from the ground up. The decoration is faithful to authentic American aesthetics. Pictures of soldiers hanging on the walls. Military gear everywhere. You will not feel like you are a stranger. In fact, the place feels like a home.

We spent all the day with the owners, sitting comfortably by the fireplace. Drinking beer and cross firing about politics. We heard the sad stories of the brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom, also some funny stories about how the Brewery came to being.

Veterans build the Mad Bomber Brewing Company for veterans. It is a cause, remember? It reminds us of the courageous men and women who fell while defending us. If you get the chance to make it there, you must try Fatman IPA and St. Nicholas Pale Ale. By the way, they were named after two founding members who died in the war.

50% of those sales goes to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Even you are not a huge fan of beer, how come? You have to check them out. There is a significant probability that you will get your senses blown, and discover the reality about beer. It happened to a friend in my group.

It was an exceptional experience to enjoy hand-made beer. I appreciated the break from mass produced beer with no soul in it.

The Mad Bomber Brewing Company earned its name and its place in my heart. I was impressed by the staff and the friendly atmosphere. Applegate was kind enough to show us around the brewery, explaining to us how they made their beer, what ingredients to use, and sharing few of his brewing secrets.

All in all, it was like a time bomb that never went off, filling every moment with increasing anticipation of what’s next, and the desire to come back for more.